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CPCal is a unique organization of collaborative practice groups!

How to Become a Member:

Step-by-step how to: 

1  Download and complete the Membership Application form.

2  Add your check (or credit card information) for the first year’s dues and the one-time Web site application. (The Web site fee may be paid in two equal installments over two years.)

3  Snail mail or e-mail the completed application and payment to the address shown on the application form.

Member Group Eligibility:

The majority of members in CP Cal-eligible practice groups must

  • be members of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)
  • meet the Minimum Standards for Collaborative Professionals (“Minimum Standards”) as promulgated by the IACP

Each “practice group” must have at least five (5) professional members, each of whom holds a professional license and/or designation recognized by the “Minimum Standards”.  There is no prohibition on a member group having as associate members additional professionals who aren’t required to be IACP members and/or have a professional license or designation recognized by the IACP.


Representation of Member Groups:

Each Member Group is entitled to one or more delegates on the Conference of Delegates of CP Cal, with each delegate having one vote at the Conference meetings. 

Groups with 9 or fewer members:    one delegate

Groups with 10 to 29 members:       two delegates

Groups with 30 to 49 members:       three delegates

Groups with 50 to 75 members:       four delegates

Groups with 76 or more members:   five delegates


Responsibilities of Member Groups:

  • payment of all dues and assessments as may be levied from time to time by the Conference of Delegates
  • cooperation with CP Cal and other member groups to promote the purposes of CP Cal
  • adherence to the Ethical Standards for Collaborative Professionals promulgated by the IACP, the laws of the United States and the State of California

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