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CP Cal Committees

The committees and initiatives in California have been working hard to provide benefits for the Collaborative groups in California. This means numerous phone conferences and meetings to meet ambitious goals for educating practitioners and promoting Collaborative Practice statewide. All members of CP Cal practice groups are welcome and encouraged to join our committees. If you are interested in serving on a committee, click here


All subcommittees and initiatives fall under the umbrella of one of the standing committees, as outlined below.


John Denny and Steve Rutlen, Co-chairs 
The Membership Committee shall make recommendations regarding protocol, qualification standards, and maintain records relating to membership qualifications, and such other related activities.


Delegate Relations – North:  Steve Rutlen, Chair. 

Delegate Relations – South:  John Denny, Chair.
Nurture the board’s relationships with the delegates, enlist practitioners to committees, task forces, and delegate/leadership positions, convene bi-annual conclaves, and support intergroup projects and trainings for the practice groups throughout California.


Membership Protocols – John Denny and Steve Rutlen, Co-Chairs
Review and monitor membership criteria and requirements.


2. Practice Excellence 

Ann Buscho and Amy Rodney, Co-chairs.  

The Practice Excellence Committee shall seek to provide, directly and/or through others, opportunities for the enhancement of Collaborative Practitioners’ skills and understanding in order to better provide for the needs of Collaborative clients.


Professional Education Sharon Clark, Chair

Outreach to members, increase quality of practice, and produce monthly Practice Tips.


Shawn Weber and Beth McClelland, Co-chairs

The Public Education Committee shall develop and disseminate materials for the education of the public and professionals about CP Cal and Collaborative Practice through various modes, including, without limitation, print and electronic media, direct presentations and other methods and to conduct other activities related to the promotion of CPCal, its members and their interests.


Diversity inactive
Address, inform and educate member groups regarding diversity, including: identifying the scope of diversity; engaging in efforts to recruit diverse allied professionals to participate in Collaborative Practice; developing and circulating information on diversity to member groups and their individuals; and increasing diversity awareness not only within member groups but throughout the California community. 


Statewide PEC Coordination
NorCal PEC - Beth McClelland, liaison.
SoCal PEC - Lee Miller, liaison.

Public Communications
Website and Social Media – Jason Crowley and Beth McClelland, Co-Chairs. Promote CP Cal and educate its members and the public through an upgraded website and social media technology. 

Divorce Options
  – George Richardson and Meredith Lewis, Co-Chairs. 
Revise and modify the Divorce Options presentation and brochure for the use of CP Cal member groups, and groups outside California, in their effort to educate the public about their divorce choices.     

Professional Outreach
Introduce and enlist professionals into the Collaborative Practice community, and provide them with education and skills to assist with the team process. 

Trusts and Estates/Civil
 – Keith Britany, Doug Rosner, Co-Chairs.
Promote education for both professionals and the public on Collaborative Practice for Trusts, Estates, and Civil disputes.  Professional education/training and outreach to practice groups to expand the practice groups to include Trusts and Estates and Civil practitioners.  Public education outreach through workshops (similar to Divorce Options) and other public education initiatives that may be identified.



Keith Britany and Emily De Falla, Co-chairs
Ensures that CP Cal has the financial resources to accomplish its mission.


Fund Development – Keith Britany and Emily De Falla, Co-chairs.
To develop Collaborative Practice California’s (CPCal) Fund Development capabilities and raise the funds necessary to support the organization’s short- and long-term goals

 – Keith Britany and __________, Co-chairs 
Develop fundraising ideas to reach out to Collaborative professionals and other donors to generate funds for CP Cal to be used in its general fund, which includes public education, educating Collaborative professionals and promoting Collaborative Practice. 


Diana Martinez, Gloria Flores-Cerul, and Neil Penn, Co-chairs

Oversee and direct the production of the annual statewide conference.

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