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Expectations of Collaborative Clients and Professionals

In the Collaborative Process, clients are expected to assert their respective interests and the respective attorneys will help each client do so. Cooperation does not mean that a client must put the interests of the other ahead of self. Open and cooperative agreement-making will most likely insure the best outcome for both clients.

Each client and professional will be expected to take a reasoned and constructive approach on all disagreements and disputed matters in the interests of reaching an agreement, for so long as the collaborative process continues. If negotiations appear stalled, each participant will be encouraged to consider whether modifying his or her approach would be appropriate in order to reach a resolution of all disputed matters. At the same time, throughout the Collaborative Process each client has the responsibility for asserting—constructively—his/her respective needs, interests, goals, and priorities, with the help of the Collaborative Team.

In areas which are outside the specific issues of the divorce, each client may continue to act in his/her own best interest, which may be inconsistent with the other’s interest.

Participants in the Collaborative Process will maintain awareness of the need to protect the privacy, respect and dignity of all involved, including clients, the Collaborative Team and consultants.

Each participant shall uphold a high standard of integrity, and specifically shall not take advantage of inconsistencies and others` miscalculations, but shall disclose them and seek to have them corrected.

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